Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Scenes From My 'Hood" 2

I thought I would give you a pictorial update of things here at the Creek:  Fall fell flat here in Ohio and I feel kinda cheated.  But I still have some cute shots.  Did you have a good Halloween?  I enjoyed giving out some tricks with my treats LOL!  Several folks got a decorative container of "Payday Mix" (candy corn and peanuts) with a lovely plastic roach hidden in it.  I'm not looking forward to the paybacks...

Here is Taylor with Ivy.  Taylor just turned 16 and Ivy will be 16 in a couple weeks.  Taylor carved the pumpkins using clay tools.  We learned about that on the Martha Stewart show a couple weeks ago.

My little pumpkins, Truly and Carrie

All Grown Up:  Scenes from the Coop

Gloria the Cuckoo Maran (lays chocolate brown eggs!)

Sylvia (Silver-Laced Polish) and Martha (Black and White Polish)

Two views from my front porch of an odd sky a couple minutes apart...

Here is the 9th bridge on the Covered Bridge Tour that goes all around my neighborhood.  This is the only non-covered bridge in Ohio on the Historic Bridges Register.  Built in 1914 it has all its original parts according to the flyer:

Here's a bigger version of the Darby Creek bridge I use for my blog photo...

Well that does it for today's tour.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Go out and get some fresh air before we start to freeze...I am so dreading Winter weather!

Take care,


  1. The pumpkins are cool and different. You caught some adorable photos of the dogs Gale. Love the photos of the bridges.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. You have yorkies, too! I am so happy to see Ivy!
    I have never seen anything like those bridges!

  3. Yep, I've been involved in yorkies since the mid 80s, the first 10 or so years showing for my friend Barb. I am hoping my girl Colette (lives in CT with her co-breeder) gives me a puppy around Thanksgiving. It would be my own 5th generation. If you do Facebook there are a few pictured there--it's Gale A. Williams-Thompson. Anytime you're around here, I will gladly give you the nickel bridge tour! They are all within 10 mins. of me.


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