Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lightning Can Strike Twice--I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up!

Well, Saturday began like any other day.  After errands and chores, I picked up Taylor from a widow friend's house as he helped her all day with moving tree stumps.  We were both pooped, so I told him we could just order a pizza and wings, then get a movie he wanted.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I had guilt about the "double secret probation" of the runaway dog.  I put her in a huge crate, walked her on a lead several times a day and sometimes tied her in our fenced backyard while I sat in the swing watching.  She had been fairly calm and I got soft.  I put some rugs and blankets in a big ex-pen in the garage, put her food, toys, etc. in it and left knowing she was able to move around, but still be contained with the garage door closed and the pen double-snapped shut.

So we pull in the garage excited to be home for the day with a hot, yummy pizza and dreams of a shower.  I come on in the house with the booty and asked Taylor to feed the dogs.  Well, that gets the Jack Russells excited and they start barking.  Taylor hadn't put the garage door down yet and that dog freaked out, shoved over the pen and started down the driveway at dusk.  SOB!  He lunged to tackle her on our gravel drive, but she slipped out of his grasp.

He calls me on his cell as he is running down the road and I follow in my Jeep.  He was told she went into the woods, so we circled behind them at our friend's house.  However, she wasn't gonna come when called anyway.  What were we thinking?  I'll tell you what I was thinking...more than worrying about having to call the owners, I was MORTIFIED at the thought of calling the authorities again reporting she got away again.  They owners were supposed to come back Sunday.  Why did this have to happen AGAIN!

My mild-mannered Taylor was very upset, blaming himself, which is ridiculous.  I should have left the car out. So, we pull out of our friend's drive and can make out a silhouette of a dog trotting down the road.  She's too lazy to fight through the woods, so we gave chase and it was her!  As we pulled up, Taylor jumped out with a lead, but she bolted back into another woods with tons of briers.  A minute or so as I parked I heard him yelling unintelligibly something about "you'll never get away again!"

Taylor appears dragging the dog with blood all over him.  He is furious.  As he grabbed her collar, the dog reached back and bit him across his nose and up in it, plus inside his upper lip.  Could have been worse as she must have just caught him with her canine teeth.  I have photos of the mess, but Taylor doesn't want them published.  I called Mark and the owners left the Outer Banks right then and drove all night to get home.  They really do feel bad as they like Taylor and have known him all his life.

When they picked her up, they left some extra money for our trouble.  So, I gave most of the proceeds to Taylor as he deserved it.  He put his logging money with it and bought a banjo.  Now I have to listen to "Dueling Banjos" over and over.  I seem to pay and pay LOL!  His face is healing and we are praying there isn't a scar.  We got out the briers in his hands and arms, but the poison ivy is starting to creep over him.  They are taking the dog to their vet for a mental evaluation.

So, here's hoping your week went better than ours!  The next post is going to be much lighter in content as it was already written.

Take care,


  1. Geez Gale that is one nightmare. So glad the injury is not more serious for poor Taylor though. Bet you'll never do that again.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. How devoted are YOU GUYS??!! twice you run this dog down and now Taylor is been bitten!! SHEESH! You've gone above and beyond the call, Gale. Lock it up and don't even think about letting it out till they come back!
    Hope Taylor is ok and the bad dog has all it's shots???

  3. Hello Sissy,

    Yep, dog has all shots, except the one it really needs...

    Taylor is miserable with poison ivy but the cuts are doing okay. Too early to tell if his nose will be scarred. That will tick me off.

    Thanks for thinking of us! Take care!


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