Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Things crazy here at Darby Creek!  The super deluxe chicken coop is getting painted, so the girls are still commuting from the basement to the backyard every day.  They don't seem to mind, except they are getting pretty big for the laundry basket teleporter....

My son had a parade this morning which we forgot about.  I woke up several times last night, so slept in a little.  I looked at the clock and it was 9 am.  He plays a sousaphone so he was supposed to be there before 9 to load it into the band trailer.  I woke him up and he was not happy.  Like it's my fault?  He is nearly 16!  He throws on clothes looking like an unmade bed (that happens when you store your clean clothes on the floor.)  Just so happens he wore his band shirt yesterday when I told him not to.  So he is running out the door sniffing his armpits and trying to smooth out is "bed head" hair.

After picking up the enormous sousaphone and stuffing it into the back of my Jeep, we raced off to the pool which was the staging area.  Believe it or not there were folks later than us!  Of course I wasn't staying and the traffic wasn't moving anymore to get out.  Once again, I am trapped in a parade.  Will I never learn?  Finally a cop let us out and I was free at last.  I feel bad about not staying to watch, but not bad enough to ever do it.  I went home and got breakfast, let out the dogs and chickens and did some laundry.

I did make two yummy Key Lime pies for a big party tonight.  A friend of ours owns a real estate company.  The office backs up to the fairgrounds.  She has food, a band and things for kids to do.  At dark we get to watch the fireworks for free and scoot out before all of the traffic hits.  (We are a block closer to the freeway LOL.)

I heard this awful noise and of course it was coming from our barn.  Mark started up his 1918 Mack truck that looks just like "Mater" from "Cars."  He fixed the steering, but little else.  He and Audra took off down the driveway (no seats--just sitting on the gas tank.)  He doesn't even have a whole steering wheel!  They went around the block and I could hear them the whole way around.  I wanted a ride, but he had to park it because it was boiling over...he doesn't have a radiator cap for it yet!

Nothing is every boring here-- all in a day's craziness!  Have a safe and Happy Fourth!


  1. Now Gale I have to laugh at him driving that ole truck around. Hey come on by and follow girl and any of the rest of you I know. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Cool truck.
    Craig Outdoors

  3. My great great grandaddy had something similar in one of his barns. This is the only thing I've ever seen thats similar. I never met him. He had weird stuff in there I never saw the likes of again. Tell Mark to keep that truck!


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