Saturday, July 16, 2022

Light-Up Cupcake Card With Pear Blossom Press!!


I'm standing in for the amazing and generous Amanda Stevens of Pear Blossom Press to demo a make 'n take of her E-Z Lights for a "Super Meet-Up" that all Ohio Stamp Junkies were invited to attend.  If you weren't able to go and live in Ohio, don't miss the next one!  Check out the Ohio Stamp Junkies FB page and follow instructions to join the group.   However, I won't make you suffer nor non-Buckeyes, so I'm sharing the video Amanda made for me and folks who might want instructions later.

(Note- OSJ folks: I will post a sanding block tutorial in a week or so.)

I'm linking the supplies below as well: Please support Pear Blossom Press because Amanda owns a small business with a huge heart!  Just follow the links below!  If you were at the meet, don't forget to use your discount code before it expires!

Here's a quick snapshot of the project, but remember it lights up!

Enjoy Amanda's video and go make a birthday card!  


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