Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Crafters For A Cause--Scrapbookcom's Fundraiser For Australia! You Can Help!!


Thank you so much for stopping by!  I'm sure you've seen the horrifying images on TV of the wildfire damage in Australia.  There are many lost human lives and homes as well the loss of a half Billion (with a B) animals, birds and more, along with their habitats.

There are also many word die cuts such as hugs, hope, prayers!

The generous folks at have put together a wonderful package of SVG files full of lovely, delicate images for their affiliates so we can help raise money to help out the relief effort.  All of the proceeds (my link is for tracking, I will not make a penny:) plus additional funds from will go to the Australian Red Cross.  It's only $5, so even if you currently don't have an electronic cutting machine (the files will be there for you when you get one LOL!) please consider it a donation to a worthy cause.  

If you visit my YouTube post below, there is info about the projects too!  I hope you will consider subscribing while you are there:)

The files are immediately downloadable and work with all the popular electronic cutters.  Mine happens to be a Scan 'n Cut 350.  Though I actually had it out of the box, LOL, it has been sitting on a counter for a couple years.  This inspired me to learn a little more on how to use it other than just for cutting around stamped images.  I'm making it a goal to learn more as the possibilities are endless!

I didn't do a tutorial because I wanted to keep this short and most of the stuff I used actually came from a box 'o backgrounds that I keep around because I tend to go a bit overboard when I make them!  I explain what I did in the video.

I'll be back soon with other projects I have in the "hopper."  Here are most of the supplies I used (some I forget where they came from or are no longer available:)

Until next time!

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