Friday, December 8, 2017

Prismacolor Reindeer Games!

Hello Everyone!

I've been in technological purgatory this last week!  That with some family health issues that are now improving, I was off the grid for quite awhile.  We lean on tech equipment to cut time and money, but if it isn't working, you are the one cut off from society!  A real double-edged sword.

This video is a Christmas Miracle that it ever got finished!  I hope you enjoy it and maybe even learn a tip or two.  The YouTube link and supply list are down below!  BTW, I haven't gotten a single card out yet... Have you?

This card features a Gerda Steiner set. "Little Christmas."  I love her whimsical style!  I plan to order more of her things in the future!

Get those cards out!!!


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