Sunday, August 27, 2017

Finally! The "Craft Cave" Tour!!!

Hello friends!

As promised, you are now invited to go spelunking in my craft room.  It's not glamorous, but perhaps you will find an idea or two that works for you no matter what you're crafting.  I took some before shots last year (did I say it was a slow process???)  The rest of my downstairs looks like a war zone and I feel a bit guilty--but I have my priorities!!!

It started as a hot mess... (scroll down if you just want to see the video!)

The girls kept me company in this process--it's not the same without my "Chin Chin" on the right.  I miss her so much!

Then the room started to take shape...

This is right behind my desk and is ever evolving to be more efficient.  I'm too lazy to get up all the time and chase stuff down!

Still nowhere nearly finished and productive, but getting there...

Drum roll please... the tour video!


Come back to see my first tutorial video on YouTube soon!  Please hit like and subscribe both here and on my YouTube channel:)

Until next time, 

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