Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Unstable Table

Hi Everyone!

I've been catching up on a few of my chores and ran across the pair of ringside grooming tables in my garage.  Here is how I got them:

I paid $85ish for a nice ringside table for toy dogs while at a dog show.  I don't show often, but hated lugging around my full size one, so I splurged.  I used it a time or two, then it sat for a few months.  I took it to a show and noticed immediately it was rocking--annoying to me and the dog.  I temporarily stuck napkins and such under it to level it.  After showing, I looked around, but the vendor wasn't at the show and nobody carried replacement "feet."

I looked around at hardware stores and realized these weren't common things--they are angled and screw in the table leg.  So, I called the manufacturer hoping to purchase a couple so I would have a spare.  Here is the conversation:

Me:  "Hi!  I would like to order a couple replacement feet for my ringside grooming table. "

Manufacturer's Rep.:  "When and where did you buy it?"

Me:  "At the Delaware, Ohio shows a few months ago."

Manufacturer's Rep.:  "What vendor?"

Me:  "I don't know.  I just want to order a couple feet."

Manufacturer's Rep:  "Why?"

Me:  "Because I lost one and can't find any replacements locally."

Manufacturer's Rep:  "How did you lose it?  Is the table defective?"

Me:  "No, one of the feet must have come unscrewed.  I need to order a couple."

Manufacturer's Rep:  "That shouldn't have happened. "

Me:  "No big deal.  Can I just place my order?"

Manufacturer's Rep:  "I'm sorry, we don't sell parts."

Me:  "OK.  Do you know who does?"

Manufacturer's Rep:  "No."

Me:  "So you mean to tell me I am going to have to live with a rocking table forever or pay for another table I don't need to replace a couple dollar foot?  Surely they make feet somewhere or they wouldn't be on the table... Do you have a defective table we can cannibalize for the feet?"

Manufacturer's Rep:  "Ma'am, we get those tables from overseas.  They come complete in the box.  So we don't have any parts and there aren't any defective tables here.  Do you have a receipt for it?"

Me:  "Probably somewhere.  If nothing else, my bank account will have it."

Manufacturer's Rep:  "If you can fax me the receipt or proof of purchase, we can send you another table."

Me:  "I really don't need another table, I just need the feet.  But, I will find receipt. "

Later that day...

Me:  "Did you receive the fax?"

Manufacturer's Rep: "Yes.  We can send you out a new table. "

Me:  Fine.  "Are you wanting me to send this one back?  That would cost more than the feet are worth."

Manufacturer's Rep:   "We have to send you the whole table.  You can keep the other table as well."

Me:  "Really?  Wow, thank you for your help, but are you sure you just don't want to take a couple feet off one and send me those? "

Manufacturer's Rep: "Then what would we do with the rest of the table?  We can't order parts."

Me:  "Well, you could save it for someone who has a damaged table, but the feet are okay...."

Manufacturer's Rep:  "We can't do things like that.  We would just send them another table."

A few days later a new table arrived.  I took the remaining feet off the old one and put them in a safe place for spares....if I could only remember where they are....

Until next time...  Good luck in NYC everyone!  I'll be watching!


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