Thursday, March 3, 2016

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor...

Welcome back!

I haven't ranted in awhile, so it's high time I did!

Maybe it's just me...

One of the only reasons I haven't gotten rid of my ridiculously expensive Directv service is because I can record stuff and skip through commercials.  (Mind you, it used to be if you paid for your TV service, there weren't commercials as well.  Now, you basically have to pay twice.)  I work odd hours and would miss the handful of shows I actually watch, so I'm putting up with it for now.

That said, lately I have been home several times during the evening news and have made the mistake of watching it in "real time."  Now 6:30 p.m. is usually family dinner hour for folks.  So what's with the rated "R" commercials?  And the gross ones for various conditions which would not normally be discussed at the dinnertime (at least if I'm here.)  Most of these ads aren't life-saving (obviously if they invent a cure for the plague or whatever, I would want them to get the word out.)

My kids are grown, but I still don't want to watch with them folks describing their private issues in detail.  In one half hour program there are at least 12 minutes of commercials, most of which involve pharmaceuticals.  Many of these little blue, purple, pink whatever pills could be better discussed in a doctor's office if you have questions or the condition.  It's not just the "dysfunction" ones that I could do without, but ads for psoriasis, toenail fungus, too much peeing, not enough/too much pooping, etc. are still gross if not embarrassing.  Heck, half of them have side effects that are way worse then the problem--mostly involving death or worse (things that could make you wish you were dead...)

They've banned smoking and some drinking commercials, why not these?  You can't convince me that the average citizen's only way to find out about medical breakthroughs is through primetime commercials.   If you need the help, there are many ways to seek it out without a daily dose of these offensive ads!  Most aren't over-the-counter products, so one would have to get a prescription from a doctor anyway.  Unfortunately, if you can't afford doctor visits and prescriptions, then these ads aren't going to help.  (I would like to think that my hard-earned tax dollars aren't going to folks on public assistance seeking a better love life...but I wouldn't be surprised.)

Maybe instead of spending money on all of the national air time, they could reduce the price of the drug??  They are going to have sales anyway.  Heck, I would rather have the political commercials!

Does anyone else feel this way????

Until next time,


PS-  Donna commented on Facebook "Aren't doctors supposed to be telling us what to take and not the other way around?"  She would also suggest banning "sanitary items" commercials and I agree!

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