Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Who Doesn't Love January????


We are having our first real Winter weather now.  Though it's pretty through the window, I don't like being in it and neither do my dogs.  They come to a skidding halt when I usher them to the back door and have to literally throw them out to potty.  (Which they do right where they land.)

One of the benefits of living in the country was not really having to shovel.  I would take the Jeep and pack down a path to my garage.  Any visitors could come through garage and skip the sidewalk.  Now that I am "city folk" I need to go clear my sidewalks and probably my driveway (though it's like 10 feet long...)  I don't see the need for a snow blower, so out I will go with the shovel:(

Since we are stuck with it anyway, we need to learn how to "accept and embrace" the "bright" side which is hard in Ohio...

Taken before the snow, but still he reflects how many of us feel after the holidays...

Here are some things for Winter to help us through if we don't live somewhere nice:)

"Downtown Abbey" started last week.  I try not to think about it being the last season.

Hollywood awards season:  Love to see the beautiful dresses I have no reason to ever wear!  February usually has a "Sweeps Week" when the networks try to actually put on good shows. 

Lots of good movies are released at Christmas.  I've seen "Star Wars,"  but there are a few more I want to see.  Wish we had a local theater again.

The Craft and Hobby Association's Mega Show:  All of the cool craft companies released their 2016 new products last weekend.  Go to Youtube.com and search CHA 2016 and you will have tons of videos to pass the time with some new techniques and must-haves for the crafter.

Westminster Dog Show:  (February) Though I won't be attending this year, I love to watch the streaming video of my favorite breeds and watch my friends.  Anyone can watch by going to westminsterkennelclub.org and find videos and winner's listings.  Animal Planet will also run the Eukanuba show video periodically in January.

One of the fun shows everyone in the family seems to enjoy is the Barrett-Jackson auction the last week of January that has ultra-cool and expensive cars, trucks, planes, buses, etc.  I always drool over the 1961 little red Corvettes!  There are also a lot of celebrities there buying and selling.  I think it's on the Speed Channel.

Taxes:  Not fun, but time-consuming and this year I may even get a couple bucks back!  Might as well be crappy outside when you are doing these.

If you are into politics (and even if you aren't it gets stuffed down your throat anyway) we are coming into election season.  This year is more of a spectacle because you never know what Donald Trump is going to say... I am not especially thrilled with any candidate at the moment... Obama's State of the Union Address is on tonight.

Home Projects:  Having just moved I have a ton--but when I look at all those boxes it depresses me. I did however, change an analog thermostat over to a wi-fi digital one and it works!!!  Go me!  Don't believe the video that says it's a 20 minute job, cuz it ain't, especially if you are home alone and have never done the first thing electrical!

Football:  Alabama won the National Championship last night and I forgot there was even a game.  We Buckeyes really don't care who wins if it isn't us:)  However, there still is the Super Bowl!  I don't follow pro-football, but I like to watch the ads--especially the Clydesdales!

Then there are a few holidays that the kiddies get off school for 3 day weekends.   There is also Valentine's Day which means there will be lots of candy on sale February 15th! 

In Columbus there is always the Home and Garden Show because this is the only time landscapers and contractors aren't landscaping and contracting:)  There is a AAA Vacation Expo so you can dream about warm places and a Boat and RV show so you can get to those places!  Then there is Arnold Schwarzenegger's Fitness Expo that draws a crowd right before the New Car Show so you look at cool cars all in one place.

Right now we are witnessing a huge Powerball jackpot that is unrealistically winnable, but fun to think about the what-ifs.

Then there is the tried-and-true:  Watch birds at the feeder, rent movies, read a book or my favorite--take a long Winter's Nap!  I suppose you could also do that "normal" Winter stuff like skiing, snowboarding, tubing, making snowmen...whatever.  What are you planning on doing?

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Wishing you a wonderful 2016!

Be safe until next time,


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