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You Can Be A Kitchen Magician! (& Dash For Stash Winner Announced!)

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I am certainly not a magician in the kitchen, but I do love to design for other folks who like to cook (or just look at an awesome kitchen!)  You can spend a little, or you can spend a lot, but no matter your budget something can be done.  I have some tips below the tour of some of the rooms I have designed.  I would be happy to try and answer any questions you might have.  Just post a comment!  If you are local, feel free to drop in the store with your measurements and we can take a look!
This roomy kitchen is great for entertaining, multiple cooks or just to help the kids with homework while fixing meals.
The cabinets are by Schuler (Harper Maple door style in Carriage Black w/ Heirloom Burnt Sienna Glaze,)

This is an open kitchen, office and entertainment area using Kraftmaid Durham Maple Square door style in Praline w/Onyx Glaze.

This simple design for a small space still has style with an apron sink and stainless appliances.  This is in Diamond Reflections Amhearst Maple Square in Cloud.

This owner chose to combine colors to keep kitchen light, yet match her hardwood floor.  Different colored islands are popular.  This kitchen is in Shenandoah McKinley Maple Square Coffee and Auburn w/ Auburn Maple Glaze.
This kitchen utilizes different depths and heights to make it's statment.  This is Kraftmaid Carrington Maple Praline w/ Mocha Highlights.

This family preferred the industrial look with minimal cabinets, but lots of glass.  This is Schuler  Soho Maple in Harbor Mist.

Oddly-shaped rooms provide a challenge, but it can be done in style.  This is Shenandoah in McKinley Square w/ Painted Hazelnut.

This is a to-die-for craft room, but could easily be a home office.  Designed in Shenandoah Breckinridge Cherry Spice.

Kraftmaid's new distressed cabinets!

I proved I could 10 pounds of "potatoes" in a five pound bag...

What's Hot & What's Not!

I would never suggest designing a kitchen just based on trends.  Get what works for you, your space and your budget.  However, if you plan to update and/or sell your house (or are just curious) here are some current hot items in my opinion...

In:  Square and slab doors, Mission/Shaker types 
Out: Cathedral and "fussy" door styles

In: Maple, Cherry or painted cabinets in shades of Gray, White, Ivory, Black
Out:  Oak 

In:  Stainless appliances
Out:  Bisque

In:  Just about any countertop--but quartz and granite lead the way
Out:  Real marble and butcher block (mostly due to care)

In:  Stainless bar pulls and handles
Out: Brass or fussy designs

In:  Neutral walls with one pop of color, maybe in backsplash or decorative items
Out:  Wallpaper and wallpaper borders, curtains

In:  Under-mount sinks.  Though it can be done, I am not sold that it is a good idea for laminate tops.

Updating on a Dime

You don't have to spend a lot of money and effort to perk up your current kitchen.  A fresh coat of paint is by far the cheapest way to change a look.  Changing your hardware is another option, but make sure they fit in the same holes you have!

Updating your lighting is another great way to make a change--most house are built with contractor grade boring fixtures.  Nice ones don't have to be that expensive.  

I am not a fan of those do-it-yourself cabinet and countertop kits.  I have heard some of the cabinet ones look nice, but the time/effort is intensive and the kits aren't cheap.  Laminate countertops don't have to be expensive and I would think cleaner and better looking than painting one or covering with faux granite, etc.  I have always gone by the rule if it's not real that's okay, but don't try to make it "look" real--fake always looks fake, especially close up.  

For house value and durability issues, I would always go with real materials, even if it took me forever to afford them one at a time.  Below is a chart of what you can expect when you remodel to sell.

Well, that does it for this post.  Hope it was helpful!  The "Dash For The Stash" winner is Kelly J!  She has until Monday 5/3 morning to respond with her mailing info or another name will be drawn.

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