Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gale's Gallery XVII: "Pillow Talk"


I am counting down the days until Spring by finishing UFOs (unfinished objects.)  This project sat around for years, mostly because it meant getting out the sewing machine (and possibly having to rethread it:), carrying it downstairs, then making a mess, forgetting stuff upstairs and making another trip...  I don't sew, but when I craft using a sewing machine it's so long between uses I have to get out the manual!
I've already had to throw the Yorkie (Carrie) off of these, so they must be pretty cozy!  Well, the sofa is leather and it's cold, so maybe not...  but they are cute and quick!

As with most of my crafty pursuits, I make one for a gift and never get around to one for me.  Well, I gave a larger version of this pillow as a gift probably 6-8 years ago to my stepmother.  I found a couple little pillow inserts at IKEA for cheap (and I do mean a lot littler than I should've gotten) so, I decided to finally finish up a pair to replace the tired ones on my sofa.

Well, it doesn't get any easier than this!  I use intricate measurements at work all day, so I don't like to measure anything when I craft.  This design also lets you rip out thread-- a great way to work out any stress from the day!

Sorry if you feel the instructions are vague, but trust me, it ain't rocket-science!

What you need:

A 1/4-ish yard of tapestry fabric, another 1/4-ish yard of weaver's cloth or other really loosely woven fabric.  (If you want you can make the front and back the same cloth, but tapestry cloth is kind of expensive, so I just did the fronts.)

Stuffing or a pillow insert, matching thread, scissors, a safety pin or other pointy object and a large trash bag.

What I did:

Cut a square of fabric for each side with pretty much the same dimensions.  Pin wrong sides together.  Sew three sides about 1 1/2-ish from the edges.  Stuff, then sew last side.  Obviously, one won't be throwing these in the washer often!   Surface clean only:)

Then comes the fun and the mess.  The tapestry fabric is easy to fray on two sides (can't remember if it's the warp or the weft-- LOL).  So, I mainly pulled the strings on the top and bottom of both sides.  You can do all four.  The weaver's cloth will virtually fall apart, so make sure your stitching is smallish...

You will have colorful strings everywhere if you aren't careful, but the ripping is fun.  If it gets hard to do, start in a corner with your pointy object and loosen it.

Then, take a nap on same-said pillows and ENJOY!

Until next time...


P.S.  You may notice some changes in the format of the blog as I learn some technical aspects.  Rest assured, however, that the content will remain as highly intellectual and stimulating as always LOL!

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