Friday, December 5, 2014

'Tis The Season...

So far I've only hung the hen's wreath!


I hope you are more in the season's spirit than me!  I guess it hasn't hit me yet, but that could be because working retail numbs you...stuff was out the first of October.

In order to help get in the spirit, I've linked posts from Christmas pasts that you might enjoy:
(if you have issues with the link, you can go to the index of topics page link at upper right corner)

Our Quick Trip to Clifton Mill's "Legendary Light Display" 
Happy New Year!  Our Trip To See The Trans-Siberian Railroad 
The "Dreaded" Christmas Letter!
Merry Christmas 2013!  
What We Did During Winter Break... 
Christmas Greetings From The 'Creek

The Day After Christmas (a poem--sort of)  
Gale's Gallery: Christmas 2012, Part Two  
Gale's Gallery: Christmas 2012, Part One 

Gale's Gallery IX:  It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This! --Ornaments
The 'Creeks 2013 Year In Review 

I plan to have a new post for you soon!  

Until then,


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