Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Do I Bother To Watch The News?

Though I'm taking it out of context, I can relate to the phrase "no news is good news."  After watching either local or national news, I often regret even turning it on.  Ironic, because I have a B.A. in journalism and originally studied broadcast news!  I changed to public relations to a) get out of school a couple quarters earlier and b) because I couldn't see me at the scene doing the tragic stories (or interviewing some of  the, shall we say, not-so-highly-intellectual witnesses, folks with opinions, etc.)

There is some stuff I think I'm better off not knowing.  For instance, I know we are in another "Polar Vortex" already.  All I have to do is step outside.  What I'm depressed about it is the "propane shortage" which will likely send the price through the roof because now there will be a panic.  Funny, it gets cold in the winter and you would think the propane folks would plan for it, but it's much more profitable to manufacture a crisis.

I'm tired of hearing "dirty laundry" (or rather the possibility of it) by politicians taking advantage of their positions.   Where is the news in that???  Why do our Columbus stations have to report on every tragic murder?  They are unfortunately now commonplace in central Ohio and all are tragic.  Unless they can report on a way to avoid them, it's not news.

That goes for entertainment news too.  I don't give a hoot about any Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Honey Boo-Boo or any of their ilk.  Quit giving them airtime and see what happens.

My favorites (not really) are the stories where someone is inconvenienced.  Let's see, when weather makes it too dangerous to fly, they may cancel flights.  The airlines would rather fly and make money, but the passengers seem to feel the need to make it to their destination alive.  Why do I give a rat's batoot about someone who complains they are late to or from some trip and want the airlines to be punished?  Not only is it ignorant, but they will surely get some compensation that we will pay for in higher ticket prices.  If you fly in the winter, expect and plan for delays!!!

Granted we should know that traveling to the Olympics in Sochi could be dangerous.  I really hope all goes well and that the most sophisticated intelligence systems in the world (US and Russia) can outsmart a handful of 20 year olds set on ruining things.  However, constantly talking about it is already ruining things for athletes, families and the host country without even having to bomb anything.  So the terrorists win either way.

And another thing.... those commercials.  Really?  Do we have to hear about the little blue pill for men and now, even a treatment for women's private issues?  This is during some folk's dinner hour and certainly before most children's bedtime.  People are gonna buy those pills whether or not they see the ad, so I say we ban them!

Well off my frozen soapbox for now!  Take care and stay warm!

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  1. Well you pretty much summed up our news. I wonder about our serious news stations as they don't seem so serious anymore. Everything seems to be based on sensationalism now.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies


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