Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two Dewclaws Down! New TV Network Not Only Dumb, But Doggone Dangerous!

Mark and I were scrolling through the DirectTV guide last night and came across a DogTV network free week (channel 534.)  We thought it might be a network about dogs.  Nope, it's a channel for dogs to watch.  Allegedly, they are to watch this when you aren't home, but with English subtitles (in case you don't understand dog or maybe your dog can read?) people are expected to watch as well.  The films are shot at ground level so the dog will have the feeling of "being there."  What if your TV is up on the wall????

The programs change every hour on this "pay for a subscription" network.  One hour is relaxation, where your dog listens to soothing music while they watch other dogs frolicking in a field or  underwater watching fish swim.  Next hour is stimulation, where the music changes to perk them up and they put either dogs playing or project an object such as a bone on the screen and move it around for the dogs to chase.  (Right now our TV happens to be at dog-eye level and Mark and I can only imagine if the dogs went for the bone how many snoot marks or ruined LED/Plasma screens there would be...and no warranty covers them.)  We couldn't force our dogs to even look at the TV much less chase the bouncing bone.  All they want to do is be on the sofa napping.

My personal favorite is training hour.  ROFLOL!  I don't claim to be a dog training expert, but I'm pretty good and I don't believe for one minute that a dog is going to learn by watching TV!   Really?  We have had a handful of really intelligent dogs over the years, one of them being a JRT named Tucker.  I said "What would Tucker think of this?"  Mark said "That's it's the dumbest thing he's ever seen, then he'd take a nap."  Tucker did occasionally watch TV, but he chose the channel...

During the training or "exposure" shows, the dogs are supposed to watch repeatedly until they learn to deal with any situation.  For instance, one segment was "a visit to the vet."  Some dogs don't like going to the vet and this will ease their fear because they will see vets are nice and it will be alright.  We would have been laughing except it shows people letting their dogs run up to strange (and/or sick) dogs and sticking their nose up their butts.  Really bad form and if someone would've done that to Tucker, Patrick or Jordan, they would have had their noses handed back to them on a platter.

Your dog watching is supposed to learn that people in white coats aren't going to hurt them.  Unfortunately, shots hurt and so do other procedures.  But now I'm talking like a person who thinks watching this will really effect a dog anyway....LOL!  Well, we need to set the people straight.  It is also not a good idea to force a dog on a down-stay command to allow a baby to crawl over them and pull on their hair, etc.  They taped this for the dogs to watch and learn that babies aren't bad.  Once again, many dogs would not be safe with babies in this situation, so why encourage it???  That dog was desperate to leave that baby, you could tell by his eyes and facial expression.

They had a segment with dogs crossing intersections to get used to the noises of the city.  If a dog hears enough of something, it might get used to it, but unfortunately, living rooms aren't intersections with actually scary cars going through so a dog would still be afraid (with good reason--cars kill!)  Maybe they should make it in 3-D and we can put the little glasses on our dogs...that would make them feel more a part of it.

We've told puppy owners to leave on the radio or TV to keep their dogs company and I would choose a calming music, not hard rock.  But it's only for "white noise" not lessons.  All of the information for this post has come from watching less than an hour of this total.  I can't bear to watch any more!  Take a look at this channel while it's still free!!!!

Until next time, let a sleeping dog lie....



  1. Heard about the dog program but not something I'm starting with my kids. Just a little too much.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Gale,
    This cracked me up. I certainly cannot imagine the Yorkie or the new guy, Bud, a JRT, giving one second of attention to a dog training show.
    Hope you are well!


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