Monday, July 22, 2013

I Shop, Therefore I Am. Aren't I?

(Although for now we aren't selling the 'Creek, I have been slowly trying to organize and get rid of things we no longer "need."  The idea of the basement, garage and especially barn getting cleaned out is overwhelming to the whole family.  Our house is small and since I can't stand clutter, I get it out of sight.  It's not as bad as it was...but it still lurks...

I wrote this article many years ago and found it recently.  Can you relate to any of this?  The purple lines are updates) GW-T

Many of us work hard at perhaps not our “dream job” so we can buy things we need (or think we need.)  If I had the money I’ve spent for all of my unnecessary purchases, I’d probably be out of debt and maybe even have some savings!  I would also have less clutter in my house, garage and barn.  Here are some examples of what I’ve bought (often even charged) that really haven’t “paid off.”  I am glad to say that I don’t charge things anymore, but it didn’t happen overnight. 

I admit that I am an uninspired cook.  Com’on, I can’t be great at everything!  I can eat a peanut butter sandwich and be done with it.  I think it’s mainly because I hate a mess (meaning doing dishes.)  We got $1500 worth of stainless steel, waterless, grease-less cookware that stacks on one burner to save energy (I never stack it) and is supposed to improve our meals.  All that has improved is I now have the shiniest, most expensive dirty pans soaking in my sink of anybody I know.  What I really need is “cook-less” cookware, because I still don’t like to cook! (Cook even less now!)

Another example of my impulse buying is my two bathroom cabinets filled to the brim with “free gifts with purchase” make-up and nifty little bags from Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder…all the great companies.  It looks great in the drawer.  I’ve never tried it most of it on my face.  Usually, it’s an off color for me (or a just plain ugly one) but heck, it’s free!!!! Well sort of.  I only had to buy $45 worth of stuff to get each one.  I have enough skin care products to last me into my next life and I’m only 41.  I don’t dare add up my investment in beauty that hasn’t turned me into a movie star yet!  I was heartbroken to hear they have expiration dates, so now it looks good in my trash can. 

If knowledge came with buying books, I’d be Einstein.  The problem is you actually have to read them. Imagine how great it would be if you could see improvement by just owning self-help books! But, even if you used to skip the reading part in school, real life simply doesn’t have "Cliff Notes" for everything!  (But hey, maybe it's on You Tube LOL!)  I never buy novels anymore, but get them from the library.  Not even so much because they are free, but because they leave by a deadline.

I am a respectable crafter, longing to be an artist.  I walk into art supply stores and desperately wish I could paint, draw, sculpt… anything.  I get all the tools and materials thinking I can “buy” my way into talent that I will never have. Even with my ability, I seldom make anything.  I guess I just expect the stuff to “breed” in the storage box and something will magically appear.

I certainly have to mention my investments in the fitness and diet industry.  Of all the things I dearly wish would work, especially magically, these are it!  (Cleaning supplies/make-up tie for a very close second.)  I despise the “no pain, no gain” philosophy.  Unfortunately, I just keep “gaining.”  I save a lot of money though not buying the latest bikinis and short sets.

Who hasn’t bought a treadmill or weight set only to use it as a clothes rack? The best jogging shoes in the world won’t help you get off the sofa.  But, they are comfier than high-heels for all those trips to the grocery store…

Then, there's the stuff you buy because you might need it someday.   If you need it then, buy it then!  But today isn't someday and it will add to your clutter now!  So, dig into those closets, garages, basements and barns and enjoy the light airy feeling of a job well done!  

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  1. That article does apply to today also Gale. Hits home for most of us too. I stopped buying like that a long time ago also.
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