Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Different Kind Of "Garden"ing: The Westminster Dog Show

Hello!  I am writing this for the non "dog folks" know, the "normal" people!  The Westminster Kennel Club show is this coming Monday and Tuesday, February 11th and 12th.

In the early days...Anderleigh Maxwell Smart and I at the yorkie shows the two days before the Garden.

I was seriously thinking about making the pilgrimage to NYC and even took the time off, but my practical side that said "you'd better get some things done around the house and not spend money" won out.  It turns out that the weather could be a bit dicey this weekend, nothing new, but this time I was thinking of driving instead of flying.  I have actually been on the last plane allowed to land before the airports closed.  But that's another story...check out the index!  Best wishes that all stay safe on their trips!

I have been going to NYC in February periodically for the last 25 years.  I love it, even though it hasn't always been an easy trip or hugely successful.  I normally attend the Yorkshire Terrier specialties at the New Yorker Hotel, caddy-corner from the Garden, held on the Saturday and Sunday.  I don't always take dogs (and those are often more fun... not tied down to the bathtub and grooming table.  It also costs a fortune when you add up entry fees and dog's airfare which is often as much as my own ticket!)

It is a long weekend of social events, shopping and visiting with friends you rarely see.  I also enjoy seeing what new dogs are coming out on the scene.  There are banquets, dinner parties, award galas all over Manhatten, though I admit we often forego some to take in a Broadway show.  I wander around town walking miles to favorite spots.

Ch. Anderleigh The Patriot lounging in a suitcase in our New Yorker suite.  He loves to travel!
Technology has made it much easier to feel a part of things if one can't make it.  The specialty (single breed shows) hire videographers who (for a fee) will let you stream the classes on your computer.  Westminster Kennel Club has a wonderful website (link below) which updates frequently each breed's winners as well as free video streaming of that breed's judging.  You can find the show schedule as well as the list of breed entries on the days of the show.  Monday is my big day as that is the toy group's day.  

We central Ohioans are very proud that there are several dogs entered from our area!  Because dog show people keep much of their plans hush hush, I've decided not to say who will be there in advance.  But if you watch the group and Best in Show judging, they will announce where the dog is from.  Also, check back here and I will try to post a list of local dog's results.

Here is the TV schedule as it is unusual--each night a different network.

The evening competition will be televised live each night from 8-11 p.m. ET. Monday's telecast of the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding Groups will be on CNBC. Tuesday's telecast will be on USA Network and will include the Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups, as well as Best In Show. Westminster, televised since 1948, is and always has been America's most widely-watched live telecast of a dog show.

Here is a link if you want to check out this year's Westminster KC show:

Hoping to enjoy the "Dog Days of Winter" and looking forward to going to NYC next year...



  1. Oh my word.
    Your yorkie looks nothing like mine! I could never keep up with that hair! What a beautiful dog!
    Jeff and I were just looking it up tonite, but I will have an absolute tantrum if that spidery Jeffrey wins again. or whatever that goofy dog's name is-looks just like a spider, if you ask me...!

  2. I always enjoy watching the show,

  3. It does look like typical weather for NY. You know I really haven't missed going that much. Once in a while I figure I should try one more time but the drive is just too long.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies


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