Thursday, January 24, 2013

My 10,000th Hit: The Pre-Mature Celebratory Post I Promised!- Part One

We aren't there yet, but ohhh soooo close!  It's been one (broken or frozen) thing after another here and I can't find some of the material for the post I was planning for today.   But don't fear, I did happen upon some photos from my Hollywood days that should be entertaining!  This was going to be the topic for my 10,000th hit post.

Although I was never a "star" I did have some interesting times during that period from 1983-1986, but very few photos survive because we just didn't take them on the set.  Guess I thought I would always be doing that or more likely, it just wasn't "professional."  But trust me, lots of way more unprofessional things went on then that!  (But not by me so don't get too excited!)  There will likely be another post or two about this, but one must save things for a book if they want anyone to buy it:)

These are in no particular order because I am still unearthing more as we speak "er, type."

Here we go... let's start with one many of you have seen as it's my Facebook photo and my publicity shot from the '80s.  Gotta love that big hair!!!!

(Hmmm...Come to think of it, my hair isn't so different now... just everything else!)
They spray-dyed my hair a dark brunette because the stars of this movie were blonde and everyone else needed to be dark.  This was from a ball scene in the movie "Flowers In The Attic."  The creepy book was popular then about a woman who locks her kids in the attic so she can find a rich husband.
This silly photo is supposed to show me doing different activities for my acting portfolio.    Nobody wears their cowboy hat back like that if they are actually a horse person.  I would also never really dress like that to brush a horse.  About the only things accurate are Bailey really was a horse and that horse folks don't run around in cockroach-stompin'  boots all the time.  I can really say I am twice the person now that I was then....  that was from only eating Slender Bars and drinking Diet Coke.  The camera really does add 10 pounds.

This was from a mini-series about FDR I think.  I was in the "secretarial pool."    I think that is a wig.  I look exactly like my mom in this photo.  I remember it taking forever to button all those tiny buttons.  There were stripes up the back of the hose as was the fashion then.  Glad it's not now as it is a pain to get that line straight!

Me and my bud Mickey Mouse at a walk-a-thon sponsored by Aftra or SAG I think.  Always a Buckeye in my OSU sweatshirt!
I bought this Nissan Pulsar for my dog Windi (who worked with me on several occasions.)  There will be way more about her in future posts.  (BTW, that is also an Ohio State shirt.  You can take a girl out of Ohio, but never take the Buckeye out of the girl!)

You older folks might remember the show "Cagney & Lacy."  This gal and I were bartenders in one episode.  I did a lot on this show, including wearing a real police uniform that is incredibly hot and uncomfortable.  Some of the other shows I worked on a lot were "Moonlighting" and "Hunter."  Still looking for photos, especially the "Hunter" where I wore a tropical Playboy Bunny waitress costume.

Well, there are many more stories and photos, but this is it for now.  Hope you enjoyed my little trip down "memory lane!"

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  1. How awesome. Love the photos!!!!! You look very different with dark hair.

  2. Wow! I had no idea I was actually rubbing elbows with a celebrity! Loved looking at your pictures, Gale!

  3. Fun revisit Gale. I had forgotten about all this. Never saw photos before anyway so this was a treat.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkie Puppies

  4. Hi! I especially like the one of you standing with George Strait and two other co-workers.


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