Saturday, December 29, 2012

How We Spent Our Christmas Vacation (or What We Did When I Wasn't Working During The Kid's Vacation!)

Hello!  I hope this finds you safe and well.  Here's what went on here at the 'Creek!

Audra's Rudolph Cupcake!
Day One- Hour One:

It started off on a gray, rainy, crappy day.  Audra and I walked in to a chilly house so I turned on the Harmon pellet stove.  Since we were both going to be upstairs, I asked her to turn that off.  A few minutes later I'm upstairs on the computer and smell something burning.  I ran downstairs and it smelled like we were burning leaves in the living room, but I didn't see anything.  I ran to the basement and likewise.  When I came up the steps I could see smoke seeping out of the hopper of the stove.  So, dummy me wants to see what's going on and I open the hopper lid.  Smoke rolled out of it.  Apparently, it got mad when turned off while trying to ignite.  Who knew????  So glad I was home.  I don't think the house would've caught fire, but it took us long enough to get the smell out that did happen!

Day Two- All Day:

Nasty wind and snow blowing sideways.  Shut the hens in, made the toy dogs potty in the snow they hate, ran a couple errands and called it a day.  Watched the perennial holiday classic "J. Edgar."  (Well, most of it.  Just messing!  Couldn't be further from a holiday classic:)
Taylor was in charge of the tree this year.  He wanted only red, white and gold ornaments and lights on a real tree.  He did a great job!

Days Three and Four- All Day:

Worked.  I am still trying to wrap my head around the shopping public.  Unless I am wrong, Christmas is always December 25th, every single year!  Although it could be worse (appliances aren't as bad as a toy department), I am amazed at the folks who come in and make unrealistic requests like this was an unscheduled event.  Buying a special order (2 weeks leads time) dishwasher on Sunday the 23rd and expecting it professionally installed on the 24th is more than a Christmas miracle.  It just ain't happening folks!  I think people like to make us jump through hoops just because they think they can.  If your refrigerator is working and it's not a gift, why isn't delivery on the 26th acceptable?  Even if it is a gift, can't you wrap up a photo and have it delivered the later?  My delivery guys have families too and there are only so many hours in a day (24 at last count.)  Remember, you had 365 days since last Christmas to plan for this one!  If you are still needing gifts, Walgreen's probably has the latest versions of Chia Pets on the shelves ready to go!  (A personal favorite is Chia-Obama...ROFLOL!)

Day Five- 

Enjoyed a lovely time with my dear friend Barb.   We have spent 26 Christmas Eve's and/or Christmases together!  After sharing a holiday meal of pizza on paper plates at Donato's (a bit of a communication lapse occurred) the kids, Mark and I went to a tiny church for a simple Christmas Eve service.  Next time though, I might opt for a larger church that has a nursery available for screaming and wailing little ones... I know...I should let that go, but I can't imagine why several sets of parents thought it was OK to stay...

The four of us were treated to "Trans-Siberian Orchestra" tickets for Sunday's performance by Mark.  The kid's were delighted.

Day Six- Christmas Day-

Went to my brother Jeff's for a lovely Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.  We really enjoyed a nice time together and were thankful that the weather held out for mom and my younger brother Stan to make it from Zanesville.  We swung by the new Hollywood Casino on the way home and it was actually open.  I would think folks could take ONE day off to celebrate Christmas with their families!

Day Seven- Level Two Snow Emergency- 

The dreaded blizzard has begun, though I thought maybe we would be lucky as it didn't start on time!  Now I have no excuse to not do indoor chores!  I diligently stopped at Turkey Hill yesterday and picked up necessities, but of course, now that I'm stuck here I realize we are running out of toilet paper!    Where did it all go that I bought last weekend???  Now rationing... found a partial roll in Taylor's room he was using as Kleenex and commandeered for the greater good.

Day Eight- All is well-

Aside from work and snow, that's about it.   I am excited to see this blog nearing 10,000 hits so quickly.  I plan to celebrate with a post many of you have been asking about,  The topic starts with an "H", but you will have to wait and see!

Keep safe!

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