Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weird Weather Continues...

Not much interesting to report on here in dreary Ohio.  The "ladies" got to go into the backyard a couple times last week and pick around the backyard.  They took dirt baths and had a nap in the sun.  It's January mind you and it looks like Spring!

Isabella (Appenzeller Spitzhausen) and friends:

The young'uns Rocks Anne and Sophie peeking in the basement window:

Gloria (Cuckoo Maran) digging her spot.

Sylvia Scarlett (Silver Laced Polish) front and center.  My favorite gal because she is very tame:

 I started a quilt block project as a surprise for my stepmother Betty.  Shhhh!  Don't tell her!  She made Audra a lovely quilt for Christmas as well as many dresses over the years, so "we" were supposed to put these simple flower blocks together and send them off for Betty to make something for herself for once.  (If one wants a quilt constructed for actual use you wouldn't want me to make it.  That's why mine are called wallhangings.)

Turns out Audra quit after tracing one block.  She said it was too hard.  So, she decided to practice piano.   Halfway through her freshman year at 50K plus a year college (thank goodness mostly on scholarship) all they've taught her is "Kumbaya"???? LOL (Fortunately, she is a talented french horn player. )  She is now settled back on campus and the house would be too quiet if it weren't for Taylor's tuba/electric guitar practicing.  BTW, Taylor's goldfish Ray Charles mentioned in the Christmas post passed away suddenly this morning.  I have no idea why as Audra's gets the same treatment and is doing fine.  Ray is now buried next to Tucker.

I hope to get you a humor article or two very soon, so please stop back!

See you then!

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